San Marcos, Texas Case Study

San Marcos, TX Case Study Overview Download PDF The City of San Marcos recognizes that economy, society, and the environment are closely interconnected. The City is committed to clean air and water and environmentally sustainable economic development. Staff developed the... READ MORE

Cedar Rapids, IA Rain Barrel Case Study

The floods of 2008 continue to be one of the worst natural disasters in the past 30 years of American history. Floodwaters covered 14% of the city and displaced 10,000 residents. Although the city has made significant progress in rebuilding,... READ MORE

City Of Oakland, CA Rain Barrel Case Study

Oakland's watershed is comprised of 15 main creeks, 30 tributaries, Lake Merritt and the Bay estuary. In 2009 Lake Merritt was listed as an impaired water body due to organic enrichment/low dissolved oxygen and high levels of trash. The trash... READ MORE

NC cities and counties cannot limit cisterns and rain barrels

NC steps to the plate to make sure cities, towns and counties cannot limit rain barrels and cisterns. We are fortunate in NC to get a consistent amount of rain each month throughout the year. Here in Raleigh we average... READ MORE

Roofing material affects water quality in RWH systems

For the past few years, one of the most common questions facing the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) hasn't been over contentious water rights or proposed water projects; it's been from homeowners wanting to know what type of roofing material... READ MORE

The GREENville HOUSE and other happenings

Spring has been especially busy around our Raleigh, NC Headquarters. We have completed several exciting projects including the 55,000 gallon cistern for the new Hospice of Wake County. It is fully functional and supplying fresh, clean rainwater for the beautiful... READ MORE

Began site work for a 55,000 system

Yesterday was a great day. The sun was out, the birds were singing…. erh, there were not any birds and it was a bit overcast but it was still a great day. We began work on a 55,000 gallon system... READ MORE


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