Fort Worth, Texas Case Study

Fort Worth, TX Case Study


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As one of the nation’s fastest growing large cities, Fort Worth faces the challenge of providing infrastructure and resources for its population while maintaining and improving quality of life for current and future residents.

The City of Fort Worth strives to provide a sustainable city by using a multi-pronged approach to protect its water resources. A Sustainability Task Force works to ensure city infrastructure and water resources keep pace with growth. Recent drought conditions and low lake levels have brought water shortages to the forefront. To promote rain water harvesting, the Water Conservation, Stormwater Management and Environmental Management divisions of city departments partnered with Rain Water Solutions to distribute rain barrels in late 2012.




The first two rain barrel events, in September and November 2012, were so successful that staff scheduled spring and fall events in 2013.  To date, residents have purchased over 1,500 rain barrels through Fort Worth’s Rain Barrel Program. The City of Fort Worth continues to promote sustainability through using rain barrels to encourage water conservation and manage stormwater runoff and pollution.

Rain Water Solutions’ proven success in rain barrel distribution programs provides governments and utilities with a streamlined approach to offer barrels to customers. More than 90 percent of those customers surveyed from the Fort Worth program were pleased with the ordering and pickup process.  To learn more about program options, contact us at 919-835-1699 or

 In a survey of Fort Worth customers:

  • 94% were satisfied with their barrel
  • 90% were likely to recommend to a friend
  • 58% purchased because of the price
  • 59% plan to purchase another barrel


Great way to partner with city government to help us conserve resources. The discounted price was hard to beat and I like the collaboration.          

 -City of Fort Worth Customer                       

I could not improve on this program in any way. The people at the pick up were awesome and very efficient. GREAT JOB.                                      

  -City of Fort Worth Customer                  

 “All the residents were very appreciative, plus [the program] was a great L.I.D. collaborative outreach between us in the Stormwater Management division (promoting low impact stormwater runoff measures), as well as the Environmental Management division (promoting low impact water quality measures) and the Water Department (promoting low impact water conservation) activities, for which we get L.I.D. outreach and education permit credit. The Rain Water Solutions folks were outstanding in their customer service to us, as well as to our residents. Altogether, a win-win-win.”

                                             - Linda Sterne, City of Fort Worth Communications Officer


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