Starting a Nonprofit Rain Barrel Distribution Program

Not all rain barrels or distribution programs are created equal. Rain Water Solutions partners with you to provide homeowners an easy, affordable way to harvest rainwater and limit run-off. Our superior product, services, and support will ensure the success of your rain barrel distribution program.

Three reasons to partner with Rain Water Solutions

  1. Our Difference

Rain Water Solutions has helped 80+ municipalities and nonprofit agencies run successful rain barrel distribution programs.

  • Knowledge and best practices that simplify your program – from start to finish
  • Ability to create awareness campaigns including grant proposals and subsidy programs
  • Education and outreach to government agencies, nonprofits, and homeowners
  1. Our Services

Rain Water Solutions provides the support and marketing tools nonprofits need to run a successful rain barrel distribution program – from start to finish.

Personalized Support

  • Customized rain barrel distribution programs to fit your needs and budget
  • Rain Barrel Distribution Quick-Start Package with easy to use instructions
  • We answer homeowners' questions and handle all logistics
  • On-site delivery and help with distribution
  • Post-distribution support and satisfaction surveys

Marketing Tools

  • Significantly discounted pricing on each rain barrel sold
  • Sample Ivy Rain Barrel and Point-of-Sale displays
  • Homeowners use a secure e-commerce site to purhcase rain barrels
  • Dedicated website and URL - with your agency's logo and branding
  • 'How to Install a Rain Barrel' video guide
  1. Our Rain Barrels

Rain Water Solutions' barrels have a superior design that is perfect for homeowners.

  • Affordable, safe, and easy to use - everything is included for simple installation
  • Locking Lid, Stable When Full, and Mosquito Proof
  • Made in the USA from 100% recycled materials
  • Our 50 gallon 'Ivy' rain barrel is designed to stack and transport comfortably in most cars
  • Linking capability - use multiple rain barrels to increase water conservation
  • Two-year warranty

Starting a nonprofit rain barrel distribution program with Rain Water Solutions

Rain Water Solutions' dedicated staff will provide the support, knowledge, and marketing tools you need to run a successful program that is hassle-free from start to finish.

Nonprofit Success Stories

Rain Barrel Awareness

Rain Barrel Awareness

These programs are a great fit for organizations that want to encourage the use of rain barrels without impacting their budget. With no ‘upfront costs’, our bulk pricing and secure e-commerce site enable groups to offer residents ‘Ivy’ rain barrels at a cost significantly less than retail.

Case Study: Ashley Cooper
Rain Barrel Rebate Programs

Rain Barrel Rebate Programs

Nonprofits and public utilities often work together to provide rebates as an incentive to increase the number of rain barrels sold and used. Rebates combined with our bulk pricing and secure e-commerce site makes harvesting rainwater attractive and affordable for more people.

Case Study: Solana Center
Grant Funded Programs

Grant Funded Programs

Organizations looking to increase public support for water conservation use grants to offset the cost of each rain barrel sold. Funds from the grant combined with our bulk pricing and secure e-commerce site make using rain barrels easier and more affordable for your community.

Case Study: Derry Township


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