San Marcos, Texas Case Study

San Marcos, TX Case Study


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The City of San Marcos recognizes that economy, society, and the environment are closely interconnected. The City is committed to clean air and water and environmentally sustainable economic development. Staff developed the Go Green Initiative to educate citizens about sustainable living and to inspire them to take action. The City first partnered with Rain Water Solutions to offer free rain barrels during a native plant sale in April 2013. The interest was so great that the City sponsored a distribution program in June 2013, and another in October. San Marcos utility customers were able to purchase barrels for a reduced price, and also take advantage of the City’s rebate program.

Rebate Program

The City of San Marcos offers a rain barrel rebate to provide an economic incentive to conserve water. Rebates are 50% of purchase price (up to $50 per barrel or tank), with a limit of two per customer. Prior to issuance of a rebate check, City staff may conduct an inspection to verify installation and functionality. Rain barrels must meet the following criteria:

  • Sold solely for the purpose of collecting rain water
  • Screened or covered to restrict accessibility
  • UV-resistant to prevent algae growth


In a survey of San Marcos rain barrel program customers:

  • 95% were satisfied with barrel quality
  • 89% were likely to recommend to a friend
  • 75% purchased because of the price and/or rebate
  • 60% plan to purchase another barrel


The number of rebates submitted increased by 400% over the previous three years combined after the City’s first mass rain barrel distribution program. The City of San Marcos continues to promote sustainability through using rain barrels to encourage water conservation.

Rain Water Solutions’ proven success in rain barrel distribution programs provides governments and utilities with a streamlined approach to offer barrels to customers. To learn more about program options, contact us at 919-835-1699 or

San Marcos Customer Testimonials

Great program! You need to offer it every 4-6 months.

I love my rain barrels - I have three now. I could easily use 2-4 more rain barrels to maximize rainwater collection.

I really appreciate the offer from the city. We had discussed buying a rain barrel so the offer came at a very good time.   Can't wait for the rain.

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