Cedar Rapids, IA Rain Barrel Case Study

The floods of 2008 continue to be one of the worst natural disasters in the past 30 years of American history. Floodwaters covered 14% of the city and displaced 10,000 residents. Although the city has made significant progress in rebuilding,... READ MORE

City Of Oakland, CA Rain Barrel Case Study

Oakland's watershed is comprised of 15 main creeks, 30 tributaries, Lake Merritt and the Bay estuary. In 2009 Lake Merritt was listed as an impaired water body due to organic enrichment/low dissolved oxygen and high levels of trash. The trash... READ MORE

Rain Barrel Maintenance

Don’t be fooled. All rain barrels will require maintenance from time to time. This is due to the fact that for the most part they have very simple inlet filtration. Most rain barrels only have mosquito screening as their filtration.... READ MORE

65 Gallon Ice Cube?

The weather has finally broken and NC is finally back to seasonal temperatures. We survived roughly 20 straight days with high temperatures in the Triangle area below the seasonal norm (55 on Dec. 27 was the last time we pushed... READ MORE


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