San Marcos, Texas Case Study

San Marcos, TX Case Study Overview Download PDF The City of San Marcos recognizes that economy, society, and the environment are closely interconnected. The City is committed to clean air and water and environmentally sustainable economic development. Staff developed the... READ MORE

Fort Worth, Texas Case Study

As one of the nation’s fastest growing large cities, Fort Worth faces the challenge of providing infrastructure and resources for its population while maintaining and improving quality of life for current and future residents. The City of Fort Worth strives... READ MORE

Nutrena's Scoop From The Coop Blog

 This was posted today by Nutrena and we wanted to share! Rain Barrels For The Chicken Coop The Scoop From The Coop is proudly brought to you by Nutrena and Cargill Animal Nutrition. Be sure to meet our team of... READ MORE

Santa Monica CA rain barel rebate

City of Santa Monica Rain Barrel Rebate Program Rebate up to $200 per rain barrel w/maximum of 2 per downspout; 8 barrels per property Eligibility - property owner (resident, institution or business) in the City of Santa Monica and any... READ MORE

Rain Water Solutions partners with Cedar Park to break a record!

Cedar Park, TX - Rain Water Solutions partnered with Cedar Park and Round Rock to supply the Ivy Rain Barrel to their citizens at a greatly reduced price. The one day event distributed almost 1,000 rain barrels. It was a... READ MORE

Cedar Rapids, IA Rain Barrel Case Study

The floods of 2008 continue to be one of the worst natural disasters in the past 30 years of American history. Floodwaters covered 14% of the city and displaced 10,000 residents. Although the city has made significant progress in rebuilding,... READ MORE

City Of Oakland, CA Rain Barrel Case Study

Oakland's watershed is comprised of 15 main creeks, 30 tributaries, Lake Merritt and the Bay estuary. In 2009 Lake Merritt was listed as an impaired water body due to organic enrichment/low dissolved oxygen and high levels of trash. The trash... READ MORE

Amid Drought, Area Entrepreneurs Roll Out New Rain Barrel To Conserve Water

RAIN WATER SOLUTIONS DEBUTS “IVY” WITH SUPPORT FROM THE NATURAL CAPITAL INVESTMENT FUND   Raleigh, N.C., August 15, 2011–-With most of North Carolina baking under dry skies, every drop of rain that falls on your roof is worth saving – and... READ MORE

February is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is an indiscriminate disease that strikes thousands of women and men every year. It doesn’t care about race, religion, or zip code.  We have decided to produce a limited number of pink rain barrels to raise money for the... READ MORE

How is Moby made?

Moby is a rotationally molded product. Rotational molding, also known as roto-molding, is a molding process for creating many kinds of mostly hollow items, typically of plastic.   A heated hollow mold is filled with a charge or shot weight... READ MORE


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