Rain Water Solutions partners with Cedar Park to break a record!

Cedar Park, TX - Rain Water Solutions partnered with Cedar Park and Round Rock to supply the Ivy Rain Barrel to their citizens at a greatly reduced price. The one day event distributed almost 1,000 rain barrels. It was a... READ MORE

Amid Drought, Area Entrepreneurs Roll Out New Rain Barrel To Conserve Water

RAIN WATER SOLUTIONS DEBUTS “IVY” WITH SUPPORT FROM THE NATURAL CAPITAL INVESTMENT FUND   Raleigh, N.C., August 15, 2011–-With most of North Carolina baking under dry skies, every drop of rain that falls on your roof is worth saving – and... READ MORE

Clean Water and Air for NC

Protecting safe, clean our water is within reach for NC. Let's not sacrifice our strong environmental stance for short sighted goals. On June 30 Governor Perdue vetoed S709 and S781, but the NC Senate has already overridden these critical vetoes... READ MORE

February is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is an indiscriminate disease that strikes thousands of women and men every year. It doesn’t care about race, religion, or zip code.  We have decided to produce a limited number of pink rain barrels to raise money for the... READ MORE


Moby’s new municipal web site has been launched! Check out rainbarrelprogram.org This new site is designed so that municipalities can promote rain barrels and help their citizens learn how easy it is to collect and use rainwater in a very... READ MORE

Just posted new Moby images on FB

We get the question all the time – “so I have to drive a big honking SUV and use a bunch of gas to come get my rain barrel to save water?” No. Moby will fit easily into the back... READ MORE


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