Clean Water and Air for NC

Protecting safe, clean our water is within reach for NC. Let's not sacrifice our strong environmental stance for short sighted goals.

On June 30 Governor Perdue vetoed S709 and S781, but the NC Senate has already overridden these critical vetoes and the NC House plans to vote on the override Monday, 25 July.  Please call your NC Representative today and tell them how crucial it is for them to be present at the vote to override S709 and S781, and to vote NO to overriding the veto. The vote looks like it could go either way, so your voice really counts and will help determine the health and safety of our water and communities.

S709 would threaten NC's beaches and tourism by opening up NC's waters to the same type of irresponsible offshore drilling that resulted in last year's Gulf oil spill.

S781 would bring key state protections down to the federal minimum requirements, as well as take decision-making power away from the experts and give it to legal folks who know little about the issues.

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