Rain Water Solutions Inc.

Fountain Creek Watershed District

For a limited time and while supplies last, purchase your 50-gallon Ivy Rain Barrel at a discounted price!
Order today for pickup Fri. April 12th/ 2:30pm- 5:30pm & Sat., April 13th/ 9am- 11am
1802 Creek Crossing Colorado Springs, CO 80905


Please fill out the  waitlist form  and be notified when a new sale is scheduled.

$95.00 each 

Rain barrels are a CO state-approved collection method to nourish outdoor gardens and planted beds, while practicing water conservation.

Pickup Options:

-Friday, April 12, 2024 / 2:30pm- 5:30pm

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    -Saturday, April 13, 2024 / 9:00am- 11:00am

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      Bear Creek Maintenance Shop

      1802 Creek Crossing St.

      Colorado Springs, CO 80905


      Optional Gutter diverters: 

      Please read the instructions before ordering. You can choose 2 sizes, 2”x3" and 3”x4".
      Gutter Diverter instructions. Measure your gutters before ordering!


      What if I cannot pick up my items?

      - For one day distribution events we can’t guarantee your order will be held for a later pick up. You can have a friend or neighbor pick up for you as long as they have your name, receipt and/or order #. For year-round sales please follow the instructions on your receipt or reply back to your receipt with any questions.

      Will the rain barrel fit in my car?

      - Yes, your barrel will easily fit in the backseat of most 4-door sedans or hatchbacks. We can even nest them and fit 2 to 3 in the back seat!

      How do I set up the rain barrel?

      - Watch our YouTube video for how to set up your barrel. Or download our installation instructions.

      All of the hardware you need to assemble the barrel is included! The Ivy Rain Barrel comes with:

      • 6' Overflow Hose
      • Screen and Screen Ring
      • 2 Releasable Zipties
      • Overflow Cap
      • Plastic 3/4" Ball Valve
      • Capacity: 50 gallons
      • Dimensions: 42.5"H x 22"W x 18"D
      • Material: 100% recycled HDPE. BPA free!
      • Connection: 3/4" ball valve connects to garden hose
      • Gravity fed! No pumps required.

      How to Install Your Ivy Rain Barrel

      Rain Water Solutions Inc.
      Rain Water Solutions Inc.
      • Made in the USA using 100% recycled materials!
      • Link multiple Ivy barrels using overflow hose (included)
      • 2 Year warranty