RainWater Solutions

Conserve water and protect water quality by collecting and reusing rainwater.

Eagle Mountain

Discounted rain barrels are limited to Eagle Mountain residents/ 2 per household. Once the discounted barrels are sold out you can purchase as many rain barrels as you like at $75.00 each.

Please print off your confirmation email and bring it to the pick up.




Thursday, June 23, 2016

Between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM


Eagle Mountain City Hall

1650 Stagecoach Run

Eagle Mountain, UT 84005


Questions about picking up your rain barrel(s):

How do I purchase a rain barrel? Choose item below then click the "Add To Cart" button and pay by credit card, if receiving a discount please include your account or customer number on the cart page. You can click the back button to add or change your order. You will pick up your rain barrel(s) at the event location listed above. You can combine your order to include 2 discounted barrels and barrels at $75.00.

Can I reserve a rain barrel and pick it up day of the sale? No, you cannot reserve a rain barrel. You must pre-purchase, although there will be a limited number of rain barrels for sale during the event. We recommend you arrive early!

Can I pay by credit card day of sale? Yes, you will be able to pay cash, check, or credit card during the sale event.

**What if I cannot pick up my rain barrel(s) on the given dates?  We cannot guarantee holding your rain barrel. If you order online please have a friend or neighbor pick up for you as long as they have your name, receipt and/or order #. If you miss the pick up we will refund your purchase.

Will the rain barrel fit in my car? Yes, your barrel will easily fit in the back seat of a 4 door sedan or hatch back. We can even nest them and fit 3 to 4 in the back seat! 
Please note you will pick up your rain barrel at the event listed above, your rain barrel will NOT be shipped to you.  When placing your order you need to fill in a Billing Address that matches your credit card billing statement.
To register 2 or more rain barrels with the Utah Division of Water Rights click here: http://www.waterrights.utah.gov/forms/rainwater.asp

This product is currently unavailable. Please contact us for more information.